December  1st 2009

I got an email from ProgAwards, telling me Garden Of Eden has been nominated in the category for Best Foreign Record check their site.

November 19th 2009

Added some new reviews. Check the review page: 'Reviews' And because of all the live shows I have been doing the last couple of weeks, I thought I'd open a 'LiveSoundBlog'.

October 30th 2009

The first reviews are in. Check the review page: 'Reviews'

October 15th 2009

Official release of the 3rd IXION album
"Garden Of Eden".

Please check out: 'Storm' on the Samples page.'
For order information please go to the order page.

September 16th 2009

At this moment Peter Boer is busy mastering the album. Read all about it: 'Recording Garden Of Eden'

September 6 2009

Today I did a short Radio Interview with BRTO radio. A Dutch local radio for the south of holland. 
A 2 hour Progressive rock show called PaperLate. Interview (in Dutch) is here. Click on the to play the interview. BRTO Interview

August 23rd 2009

I am proud to have the first sample for th Garden Of Eden songs online. 
Please check out: 'Storm' on the Samples page.'

Old news >> 

The 2nd album, still available.

Please check out the samples and if you like it go to the order page and find information how you can get a copy of the nice album.

You can find some examples on the Samples page

Click here for the reviews.

Background information about the Concept and the Recording process.

The 1st album from Ixion.

The CryoGenesis samples are here

Here are some of the reviews:


Cheers, Jankees Braam